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Musing of a Werewolf lover
Me, Myself and I


As many of you know I work at a school for kids with brain injuries, like autism. There are many students who are memorable and I could write a book, but one who has made me laugh lately is Austin.

About a two weeks ago we were sitting outside before lunch, everyone in the school went somewhere except Austin’s class, so it was pretty chill. We sat there for about 40 minutes he would ask me questions and I would try to understand what the devil he was saying. Austin pulled out his tongue and pretended that his fingers were biting it off he would say “ Ouch . Bad plant.” It took me the longest time to realize that his aunt had bought him a Venus Flytrap and he put his tongue too close and it bit him. If you know Austin not only is that pretty funny, but something you could see happening. I then tried to get him to sing “Shot through the Heart,“ it was so funny I wanted to get it on video. I took my phone out and recorded him, but in true Austin style when we got to the part “ you give love a bad name”, he sang “bad gas”. He laughed so hard at himself he almost fell on the ground, of course I was in hysterics We watched the video seven times at least, to this day he still wants to watch it. He asks me every time he sees me.

Today he brought his Obi-Wan Kenobi doll, he calls it George. Obi-Wan is holding a light saber and standing on a stand. I’m sitting at the table and Austin brings it over and says “Bad George!” then he proceeds to pretend that the light saber it attacking him. “OWW” Austin cries as he “fights” off the Jedi. He turns around and says “Achell (that’s what he calls me)” and points to his back where we pretend he gets stabbed. Finally we have to take down Obi-Wan. Austin of course wins. We both laugh.

To see Austin today and his hi-jinx and look back to when he started at our school you would not recognize the boy. Back then he would fight everyone and because he his a big guy they would only let men work with him. He would fight, kick, spit, and break glass. He is such a changed person now everyone works with him. He still doesn’t like to go to speech and refuses to go on the school van, so when his class goes shopping for supplies he stays back. He has come along way. I know that the laughs will continue.

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I have not posted for a looong time. Mybe my life works so fast it doesn't seem like I haven't been so long.

Today at work I got annoyed. Mind you this is not a new thing, it's just a thing.  I get into the kitchen to start on snack when I notice that the dishwasher is still on. I start it everyday right before I leave or else it won't get started. That means that someone put something in there the day before and didn't push it shut. Luckily in the morning before I got there someone saw and pushed it in to start.  That meant that I had to wait for dishes to be don. Not so bad. I took a few out for snack and washed them and left the rest to finish.

I got my job done and went back in to do the blending for the 2 kids that need it done for their food AND someone had opened the dishwasher and didn't close it.  I was so angry. I went and mad a sign that said "Don't Open the Dishwasher it is not done." Then finished everything and by 11 it was done.  I took everything out and went on my way. 

The rest of my work day was fine and dandy.  It was really easy after that. I guess I just don't like when my schedule gets off. AND when my co-workers don't think.
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This is the first post I write in months. Well it feels like it.  Strangely I am sitting in my car in Long Beach as Jasmne is at rowing, using her laptop.  Our house has been in shambles since right after christmas when my dad decided to re-do the office.  My computer has been acting up for a month and we have no wireless at my house right now.  I have been so behind on email that I have over 100 emails (mostly junk stuff)

Life for me is just normal. Not to hot and not to cold.  I would like a little adventure but that will come with time.
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 I saw this on princessbaby23 LJ and thought why not. This is going to be funny because we have only been together 5 months.

1: What are your middle names?
Me: Louise
Him: Allan

2: How long have you been together?
Depends: Officially May 10, 2008, but April 27th, and 30th 2008 hold significance


3: Do you have any children together? No.  God no, not yet!! One day maybe if we get that far.

4: What about pets?
He has two cats, me none

5: Did you go to the same school?
Never, but we both went to school with someone at different times we both know.  Weird

6: Are you from the same hometown?

7: Do you live in the same town now?

8: Who is the smartest?
Him.  I like to think I’m pretty smart but I think he wins.

9: Who is the most sensitive?
Depends one the moment. That is a toss up.

10: Where is the first place you went to eat as a couple?
 Black Angus, where we had our business meeting to decide how we were going to proceed.

11: Do you wear matching clothes?
No, and I hope we never do.   

12: Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple?
Las Vegas

13: Who has the best group of friends?
Since we have the same friends, we both do.

14: Who has the craziest exes?
Just from stories I have heard. Him. 

15: Who has the worst temper?
Sorry… I love you, but he does.  I just get all emotional.

16: Who does the cooking?
My mom, really if we eat at my house then my mom has cooked.

17: Who's more social?
Don’t know, close call.

18: Who is the neat freak?
I’ll go with ME. But if we go with clothes he is by far, me I just don't care.

19: Who is the most affectionate?
Pretty even there. 

20: Who is the most stubborn?
I’d say he is when it comes to food. But if I really want something bad or don’t me.

21: Who hogs the bed?
I’m guilty. I just want to be close to him

22: Who wakes up earlier?
I do. 

23: Where was your first date?
Black Angus then to the movies where we saw “Hating Sarah Marshall” .

24: Who said I Love You first?
He will say I did, but I think it might have actually been him. I said something like “Love you guys” he said “I love you” to me first.

25: How did you spend your 1st year anniversary?
Tell you when we get there.

26: Who has the bigger family?
Me.  He is an only child.

27: Do you give/get flowers often?
On our first date I got them, but not since.

28: How do you spend the holidays?
Again, no major holidays have happened since we got together, I’ll tell you when we get there.  

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Cindala posted this




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My sister left for New York, to live, on Saturday and my mom and dad left for an Alaskan Cruise on Sunday.  As for me I have been busy during the day.  Work and hanging out with others have taken up lots of time.  BUT at night when I go to sleep and when I wake up I’m alone.  I don’t often mind, but it gets old after awhile.  I like having someone there even if I don’t sit and talk to them all the time, just knowing someone is there is nice.


 My biggest problem is the laundry. I have a hard time taking it to the washer and getting it back in the house. Yeah, I can do it, it just takes lots of effort. You try carrying a bundle of clothes out to the garage with one hand… not as easy as it seems. I did ask my bro to take it out when he came over to get my dad’s car (his wife’s was in the shop) and he did. I might wait for Rich to come by and carry it back in the house.. don’t know. Enough rambling about that.


I also have a huge scratch on my arm.  It is from one of the students at work.  Christina is so bad at scratching, when she is mad she rips into your arm. Today she was having a bad time.  I think I need to calm down when she does that, I get so mad, but also it hurts.


That’s all I have.

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Hi all,

It has been a while since posting. The last month (august) was so busy that just to check email every so often was like an act of God.  Now I am back in a nice rhythm and hopefully will be able to post more.


It is officially a year and a month since the surgery. Things seem to be back to normal.  I still wear the brace, but hey at least the pain is gone. At home I will walk around with out it short distances.










I saw this on Rich’s LJ and decided to copy it.  Have fun!!!!





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Your result for The Steampunk Style Test ...

The Scientist

41% Elegant, 62% Technological, 23% Historical, 12% Adventurous and 46% Playful!

The Scientist

You are the Scientist, the embodiment of steampunk’s academic side.  Where other technological styles might emphasize the gadgets of the genre, you realize there is more to science than doohickeys and gears.  Your accessories are medical bags, test tubes, measuring instruments, and academic papers.  You are more likely to carry a compass, quadrant, or ether-attuned spectrometer than a wrench or welding torch.  You probably carry a timepiece, and your prolific reading gives you every right to wear spectacles.  Perhaps the most distinctive feature of your style is that it combines the frock coats and bustle gowns of the 19th century with the trappings of Victorian science.


Try our other Steampunk test here.

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I know it seems like awhile since I posted, but since my last post I had nothing special to say.  Now I do.


I Love Steampunks




The rest of the weekend went fine.  Friday was Hellboy 2, more enjoyable then expected. Sunday was New Court Privy, after I got home which was later than expected I crashed because the night before I was up past 3 am. But before going to bed I did look up steampunks …. My new obsession!


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I'm almost done with work for the next three weeks, YAY!!!!! I have to go tomorrow for training of some sort but that is all. Then for three weeks I can sleep in.  

I'm also so tired, between hanging out, working hard and being emotional, it has exhausted me. 

I'll confess that sometimes I get in these moods that I don't want to be around other people. It is nothing personal to anyone it's just that I sometimes get overwhelmed by everything and everyone and I want to just hibernate all by myself.  I'm begining to feel that way.  I don't want to dissapoint my friends (now that I have so such a large social circle) but right now I'm going through this little phase. So if I do that  be patient and know that it is nothing personal.


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